Who is Ascension Fitness

A health & wellness company

Our Mission

Improve the overall quality of life for our members

How we achieve this

We put years of education, and experience to work in order to deliver 100% proprietary strength and conditioning based content. This content goes hand in hand with strategically formed industry partnerships to cut out ¬†the guess work when it comes to providing the best products & services needed to achieve faster, safer, more sustainable results. The training facility has been renovated and outfitted with new amenities and equipment which sets the stage for implementing¬† our unique programming. Ascension Fitness’s strength and conditioning based method combines elements from several training disciplines that are arranged in different intensities & durations. This approach provides constantly varied stimulus to keep your mind and body continuously growing, adapting, and changing. This is critical because it helps avoid plateaus on the way to reaching your health and wellness goals.

Training The Human Element

At the core of every person is a particular set of needs that must be continuously met in order to reach and maintain any level of significant success. These needs are derived from a mixture of mental, physical, spiritual, communal, emotional, and growth needs. Training the human element addresses these needs and provides the framework for life altering results that are achieved much faster and are more sustainable over a life time.

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